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Various Artists 'Deep In A Dream - An Evening with the Songs of David McComb' CD

Image of Various Artists 'Deep In A Dream - An Evening with the Songs of David McComb' CD

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2009 was the tenth anniversary of the death of one of Australia’s most admired songwriters, David McComb.

In 2008, Melbourne writer/broadcaster Jonathan Alley joined forces with producer Danielle Karalus with a common goal – to tell David McComb’s remarkable life story and illustrate the ongoing influence of his spellbinding canon of work. They began work on a documentary: Love In Bright Landscapes.

To raise initial funds for the project they staged a live concert at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel featuring The Blackeyed Susans (with guest Triffids Graham Lee & Rob McComb), Charles Jenkins, Mick Thomas and Shackleton, and Diving Bell all performing from McComb’s incredible songbook. Spoken word performer Sean Whelan also read McComb’s poetry with collaborators The Mime Set. The gig was an overwhelming success, closing with one of McComb’s last major compositions, 'The Good Life Never Ends', performed by The Blackeyed Susans, available for the first time on this album. Plus, it was the first (and possibly last) time The Blackeyed Susans performed their namesake song, 'Blackeyed Susan'.

Deep In A Dream is the recording of that incredible gig - a live tribute to the late David McComb. Sales from the CD will help fund the documentary Love in Bright Landscapes.

1. The Blackeyed Susans - Ocean of You
2. The Blackeyed Susans - A Curse on You
3. Charles Jenkins - Raining Pleasure
4. Shackelton - Spanish Blue
5. Shackelton - 25 to 5
6. Diving Bell - Red Pony
7. Diving Bell - Tender is the Night (The Long Fidelity)
8. Sean M Whelan w/ The Mime Set - Behind the Garages of this Country
9. The Mime Set - Lonely Stretch
10. The Blackeyed Susans - In the Pines
11. The Blackeyed Susans - Blackeyed Susan
12. The Blackeyed Susans - Jimmy
13. The Blackeyed Susans - The Good Life Never Ends (previously unreleased)