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Chad's Tree 'Crossing Off The Miles' 2CD

Image of Chad's Tree 'Crossing Off The Miles' 2CD

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First time on CD for the long-awaited recordings of Chad's Tree, the band that introduced the singer-songwriting brothers, Mark and Rob Snarski to the Australian public. The brothers are best known for their post-Chad's Tree careers in The Jackson Code and the ARIA-nominated Blackeyed Susans respectively. They also both sing with the remaining Triffids, when that band stages their tribute to the songs of Dave McComb in the Secret In The Shape of a Song concerts.

Emerging from Perth in the early 1980s and relocating to Sydney mid-decade, Chad's Tree were championed by fellow West Australians, The Triffids - with whom they shared stylistic and thematic similarities.

'Crossing Off The Miles' features both the 'Buckle In The Rail' (1988) and 'Kerosene' (1989) albums, every single and B-side and 11 unheard early demos and live recordings. All audio has been remastered from the original master tapes. 'Crossing Off The Miles' is housed in a smart gatefold wallet with a 32 page booklet stuffed with rare photos and exclusive liner notes from eight contributors including both Rob and Mark Snarski, authors Niall Lucy and David Nichols.


Disc 1:
1. Sweet Jesus Blue Eyes
2. Heatwater Train
3. The Magician
4. Entangled Vines
5. The 31st Lie
6. Tread Softly
7. Carve It In Wood
8. The Vintage Of St Helen's
9. On My Blind Side
10. Calendar
11. Crush The Lilly
12. Highest Bidder
13. Toll For Josephine
14. Marion
15. Summer Rain
16. Lipstick
17. For Her Pleasure
18. The Devil Within
19. Dead Leaves
20. Sunday's Bells

Disc 2:
1. Take Away Their Blue
2. Crossing Of The Miles
3. Of The Clay
4. North To South
5. The Flood Johanna
6. There's A Turn
7. Rosebed Baby
8. Mercy How The Paths Getting Darker
9. Pale Messenger
10. Come Thursday Midnight
11. Stroller In The Attic
12. The Orchard
13. The Flood Johanna (strings mix)
14. Please Wait
15. North to South
16. Stranger In My Own Hometown