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The Blackeyed Susans 'Reveal Yourself 1989-2009' 2CD

Image of The Blackeyed Susans 'Reveal Yourself 1989-2009' 2CD


The Blackeyed Susans celebrated their illustrious 20-year career with the release of 'Reveal Yourself 1989-2009'.

This 2CD version includes 36 Susans favourites; from their early EPs, through to the landmark album releases in the ’90s and tracks from their last release Shangri-La. In addition, it features a range of band photos from over the years and liner notes by Michael Dwyer.

In essence, this is The Blackeyed Susans' 'Greatest Hits'.

Don't Call Yourself An Angel
Enemy Mine
Cripple Creek
Ocean Of You
Will's Blues
Glory Glory
A Curse On You
Every Gentle Soul
Apartment #9
Dirty Water
This One Eats Souls
Let's Live
Mary Mac
Mouth To Mouth
By Your Hand
I Need You
The End Of The Line

Smokin' Johnny Cash
Blue Skies Blue Sea
I Am A Singer
Bottle Of Red
You're A Good Doctor
Come Ride With Me
To Skin A Man
No Direction Home
Take Care
The End Of The World
Plastic Jesus
If I Can Dream
A Cat Needs A Mouse
End Of Time
Deliver Me
Lost Horizon
Endless Night