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Snarski & Luscombe 'There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You' CD

Image of Snarski & Luscombe 'There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You' CD


CD Sold Out - now only available via Bandcamp and iTunes.


Originally released October 2002.

After several years of playing together in the Blackeyed Susans, singer Rob Snarski and guitarist Dan Luscombe have taken leave momentarily to record an album together.

'There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You' is an exquisite album, quite stripped back from the thunderous sounds of the Blackeyed Susans, and allowing a greater focus on dynamics and subtleties.

The album was recorded at the home of David Bridie (Not Drowning Waving/My Friend The Chocolate Cake) and mixed by Adams Rhodes (Paul Kelly) in the autumn of 2002.

"Rob Snarski owns the purest voice south of the 7-11 that Elvis was lasted spotted at." - Thomas Taylor, The Age.

1. I'm Calling You
2. There Was Nothing I Could Do
3. Black Crow In A Loquat Tree
4. You Remind Me Of Someone I Once Knew
5. When Will You Come My Way? (with Angelika Papadopoulos)
6. Jimmy
7. I Can't Find You
8. Song For A Drowning Man
9. Feelings For A Woman, Feelings For A Man
10. Frank And Ava
11. You See The End

Sold Out