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Rob Snarski 'Low Fidelity (Songs By Request Volume 1)' CD

$10.00 - On Sale

This collection of songs came about through a crowd-funding project, songs requested by fans and friends and all were recorded at home - in the kitchen, office and bedroom on my iPhone. I didn’t really set about recording the songs meticulously and it wasn't until late into the project it dawned on me I was gathering quite an interesting collection of song requests and perhaps other likeminded lo-fi music loving folk may enjoy them as well.

The recordings were played to producer and guitarist Shane O'Mara who embraced the project wholeheartedly - tweaking things here and there and adding to the atmosphere of it all ... a touch of extra reverb, adding an electric guitar or sitar or just a simple EQ of my original recording.

1. Graciously
2. Tiny Dancer
3. I Can’t Make It Alone
4. The Way You See Me
5. River
6. The Flood Johanna
7. Wild Is The Wind
8. Come On Home To Me
9. You Lie, You Cheat
10. Babies
11. Bad Man
12. Wichita Lineman
13. Turning Off A Memory
14. Satellite Of Love
15. Golden Boy
16. Dolphins
17. Bridge Over Troubled Water
18. Wolves

Artwork by Fiona McMonagle